Thursday, June 10, 2010

My-NPL-Second Leg-Melaka

arghhhhh...emm..arghhhhhh.What happen with our team guys.Hehehe...we're not doing well for this one.Preliminary..we lost 6 games from 8.So nothing much to say..huhu.

Will do our best for next one in Kuantan.So Crazy Huntersssss,get ready..enough for bad performance for last 2 league.We need this one....but no pressure..huhu,but at least we need to at best 8 position this time..but no pressure..huhu

End of hibernation season

Salam..morning..selamat pagi..selamat sejahtera..selamat malam..and what ever wish that coming out from your mind la..pretty busy lately with work and setup a new company(paintball related off course..huhu).When i open this page today,i see it already get rusted so need to refurbish again with new apa?( a brain cramp again).

anyway there will be a few things will be adding shortly.So enjoy and put some comment either you like it,you hate adore want to copy it....anything so at least i know someone was seeing my work...huhu...
Anyway..we just setup a new company naming as TanyaXtreme.Main objective to develope and promote this sport in East side of penisular Malaysia.Base in Kemaman..and now in the procees to open a new field insyallah..will have 2 Speed ball field for beginner and one Millenium field.Also if we have enough space there will be one Scenario field as well.Also there will be a Proshop that bringing a few paintball brand like ANGEL,Dye,Proto,Energy paintball etc..So that's it for now.Catch you guys later..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

D**n..Hope it will not happen here

Check this out..D*mn kid.

We're had a hard time enough to get this sport expand here in Malaysia.Hopefully we don't have this kind of unresponsible action happen here.For parents,make sure you don't take this for granted.Tell your kids the rules and what does and don't in this sport.They're kids,if we start to educate them early they will follow.

We have to make the rules as a culture rather than to take that as burden .We open our shoe before entering our house(or others) right?Why?because it was our culture.Some people doesn't bother that because they don't have that as their culture.How to make it?We have to practise it regularly and keep remind each other if we feel they do something wrong or about to do it.

"Perfect Practices Make Perfect"

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Which one to choose...slurpss

My existing marker..

If we have enough money which one should we choose.

Ego 10
Angel Al Fly

need the answer soonest before we decide to buy..(just kidding :P)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

WCA 2009

Photo Courtesy Of Residentevilchef.

At last i can spend some of my precious time to update this.Nothing much actually just put some photo..write some Bulls**t etc.That's it i'm done..

No story ke bro?People keep asking same question..i said ada,but i forgot the real story la.Silap tulis kene saman pulak.So basically we done quiet well in our first appearance in World Cup Asia.Do you believe it "World Cup".We're in D3 group C..we done really well on the first day consider as "new faces" until a few technical problem(kene maroh WCA cap dok apala).Come back on the 2nd day winning 2 games out of 3(not bad to Crazyhunters..).After that we pack all our equipment and time for PB shopping.It sound like we'll spent a lot of money but at the end i personnally only bought 1 pair of glove..that's it.Waiting for the whole year and just bought a glove?Betul dok ni..that's the truth.

Anyway we quiet satisfied with our performance on this event.We don't win anything,but the experience was priceless.2010 will be quiet a busy year for a team.Will start with NPL on january,pattaya open on March,ISSC on May..etc.That's it guys for now.Enjoy a photos..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


sorry folks..this pages not being updated for a while now.Quiet busy with works and tourney.As we just finish the closing event for 2009 which is WCA,this will be update soon before end of the year.Patient...(to who?)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WCA Field Layout

I just can say wow..all the hunters.Are we ready?Just play..apa yg penting KERJASAMA ..huhu